Who is I-WELD

International Weld is a Certification Body that provides certification, testing, and inspection services. Established in 2012, International Weld stems from the vision of creating the first accredited certification body based in Veneto.

It is the culmination of decades of experience in the field of welding certification and training, and the organization was specifically founded to meet market needs in a time of increasing international competition and rapid technological evolution.

International Weld combines inherited experience, professionalism and passion with the impartiality and authority that only an accredited Certification Body can provide. The goal is to offer a service always ready to meet demands: each year, the organization achieves new accreditations and Ministerial authorizations.

The company’s strength lies in its dynamism, as it commits to providing customers with an efficient, active, and energetic service while consistently maintaining high standards of quality.

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Why Choose International Weld

International Weld employs competent and qualified personnel, always ready to provide information about the services offered by the Certification Body. Customers are supported throughout the entire certification process, aiming to enhance performance.

The organization consistently updates and expands its scope to best meet the ongoing market demands. Thanks to its strong presence in the Triveneto region, which consists of small and medium-sized enterprises, International Weld aims to accompany and assist companies in the vast world of certification.

Certification ensures reliability and safety, improves business performance by reducing risks, issues, and anomalies. The advantages of being certified are numerous and include:

Mission and Values

International Weld is primarily inspired by the following values:


The personnel at International Weld consider themselves independent of any vested interests and evaluate certification in accordance with the required standards, always ensuring a service characterized by high professionalism and impartiality. For this reason, procedures have been defined and implemented, including a careful and periodic analysis of the risks associated with all service delivery phases, and the subsequent management of any situations deemed potentially critical.


The personnel ensures compliance with the reference standards.


The personnel involved in the activities is culturally, technically, and professionally qualified.


Decisions are made with correctness and seriousness, always referring to the company’s mission and values.


Inspectors and committees responsible for issuing certification from International Weld ensure the absence of conflicts of interest. In particular, the Impartiality Committee, composed of members external to the organization representing all stakeholders, is tasked with overseeing the certification activity. It verifies independence and impartiality, providing opinions on:

a. The consistency of contracts entered into by I-WELD with its employees, collaborators, and laboratories;

b. Compliance with the applied tariff;

c. All aspects that may influence trust in certification, including transparency and public perception.


The personnel at International Weld carries out its work with competence, thoroughness, and adequate professional preparation.

International Weld undertakes the obligation to notify the National Accreditation Body in the event of:

International Weld operates in the relevant market solely financing itself through certification activities. 

For further details on this, download the ‘Quality Policy’.

Accreditations and Recognitions

International Weld is accredited by ACCREDIA, the sole accreditation body, for the certification of the following professional figures:

International Weld is a Notified Body No. 2620 for the CE marking of pressure equipment in accordance with Directive 2014/68/EU PED. International Weld is also a Recognized Third Party for the approval of methods and personnel involved in the realization of permanent joints and personnel performing Non-Destructive Testing for pressure equipment in compliance with the PED directive.

What is accreditation?

“An attestation by a national accreditation body that a conformity assessment body meets the criteria established by harmonized standards and, where appropriate, any other supplementary requirements […] to perform a specific conformity assessment activity.” – REG (EC) No. 765/2008.

Together we look towards the future

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