Welding Coordinator Certification

The Welding Coordinator is a professional figure tasked with managing and overseeing welding processes through well-defined production and control plans, implemented and monitored in accordance with predetermined requirements.

Certification for the Welding Coordinator validates the personnel’s competence, understood as a combination of knowledge and experience, ensuring that a given management system performs optimally with suitable technical expertise.

UNI EN ISO 14731 outlines the tasks, responsibilities, and technical knowledge required for Welding Coordinators.

Services Offered

International Weld is accredited by ACCREDIA, following ISO/IEC 17024 standards, for certifying welders of metallic materials.

Certification Process

1. Acceptance of the Economic Offer

2. Submission of the Certification Application

3. Qualification Test Execution According to Required Standards

4. Deliberation and Issuance of Certification

To adequately meet the specific needs of companies, it is crucial for the Welding Coordinator to possess in-depth knowledge and a solid command of fundamental concepts related to welding quality requirements. In the field of construction/industry and in managing relationships with Certification Bodies, the Welding Coordinator’s curriculum must comprise a well-defined and comprehensive set of specific training and experience. Additionally, they must undergo a qualification exam for the level they intend to certify.

The exam for S and B levels consists of two different phases:

1. Written Exam

2. Oral Exam

Additional Information

Application Opportunities

In the context of their work, the Welding Coordinator must perform the following activities:

The role of the Welding Coordinator, within a certified EN 1090 organization, is crucial for managing and monitoring welding process activities.

This role plays a “key” part around which the entire production process revolves, also for companies certified in ISO 3834.

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