Welding Process Certification According to ISO 3834

The UNI EN ISO 3834 standard guides manufacturers in managing their welding processes, analyzing the quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials, irrespective of the welded product type.

The UNI EN ISO 3834 standard comprises five parts:

In essence, certification according to the suitable quality level for one’s activity becomes a choice that influences the overall development of process control.

Criteria for selecting the appropriate level include:

The choice of the specific part of the UNI EN ISO 3834 standard depends on the actual need of the specific manufacturing process to be systematically controlled, ensuring the systematic compliance with contractual and regulatory requirements. In other words, the type of the specific manufacturing process is the crucial parameter for selecting the correct Part of UNI EN ISO 3834 to conform to.

Services Offered

In addition to welding process certification according to ISO 3834, International Weld certifies Welding Coordinators in accordance with UNI EN ISO 14731 and UNI EN 1090 for Specialist Level through the experience and competence of its personnel, providing added value to the certification of these professional figures.

Certification Process

1. A preliminary visit is optionally conducted at the start of the certification process.

2. Examination of documentation and initial inspection

3. Surveillance and maintenance

Additional Information

Application Opportunities

ISO 3834 can be applied:

With the new European normative scenario mandating CE marking for metallic structural products according to EN 1090-1, compliance with ISO 3834 becomes obligatory and prerequisite for all companies producing assembled metallic structural products through welded joints.

In the ISO 3834 context, the competence of personnel, understood as a combination of knowledge and experience, plays a significant role. It is believed that no management system can yield the expected results without adequate specific technical competence. The Welding Coordinator plays a “key” role around whom the entire production process revolves.

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