New version of UNI EN ISO 18279:2024

Brazing – Defects in joints made by brazing
Improvements and updates

The recent publication of UNI EN ISO 18279:2024 has brought significant improvements to the brazing sector. This standard, focused on the assessment of defects in joints made by brazing, has introduced a series of changes that reflect the technical advancements of recent years and the growing need for stricter requirements for the reliability of brazed joints, especially in critical applications.

Key changes introduced in this new version include:

Addition of an additional quality level for imperfections in brazed joints in Annex B: This addition was motivated by the desire to reflect the technical progress made in the last decade and the increasing need for higher requirements for the reliability of brazed joints, particularly in critical applications.

Existing quality levels have been reassessed to ensure alignment with the latest industry standards and best practices in the brazing sector: This review of quality levels was an important step to ensure that the standards accurately reflect current industry needs and expectations.

The publication of UNI EN ISO 18279:2024 represents a significant step in the ongoing development and improvement of brazing practices, not only taking into account technical advancements but also the increasingly stringent requirements of critical applications, ensuring that quality standards remain at the forefront and that brazed joints meet the highest standards of reliability and safety.

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