New version of UNI EN ISO 17663:2023

Welding – Quality requirements for heat treatment in connection with welding and allied processes

Improvements and updates

The publication of UNI EN ISO 17663:2023 represents a significant milestone in the field of welding, establishing clear and updated quality requirements for heat treatment related to welding and allied techniques.

This new standard provides detailed guidance for heat treatment carried out in air or controlled atmosphere, both in the workshop and on-site, with particular emphasis on ferritic steels, but with the possibility of application to other materials depending on the circumstances.

The primary objective of the standard is to ensure that heat treatment processes are conducted correctly and in compliance with the highest quality standards.

To this end, it provides a series of requirements that must be met during the execution of heat treatment, from material preparation to post-treatment. These requirements include:

  • Specific parameters for temperatures
  • Retention times
  • Cooling rates
  • Other critical factors that influence the quality of heat treatment

Additionally, the UNI EN ISO 17663:2023 standard provides guidance for manufacturers performing heat treatments or producing thermally treated products or components. This helps ensure that suppliers have the necessary skills and resources to carry out heat treatments in compliance with the required standards.

An important aspect of the standard is its flexibility in allowing deviations from specific requirements under certain circumstances. This means that, if adequately justified, a specific requirement can be waived if it is not applicable to a particular process, while still maintaining an adequate level of quality.

In summary, the publication of UNI EN ISO 17663:2023 represents a significant step forward in ensuring the quality and reliability of heat treatment processes in welding and allied techniques. This standard will provide industry operators with clear and updated guidance for performing heat treatments that comply with the highest standards, contributing to the overall improvement of the quality of welded products and components.

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